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Equal Opportunity Wings

Take leadership in promoting equal opportunities in your organization and grow your Equal Opportunity Wings!

Equal Opportunity Wings is an acknowledgment of your organization’s achievements in mainstreaming equal opportunities in the workplace and creating a diverse and inclusive culture in your organization. 

Any employer from the public or private sector can join the initiative. You only have to fill out a participant form and start collecting „wings” for your initiatives and good practices in implementing equal opportunities. 

The maximum number of “wings” awarded is three, which signifies, that your organization not only successfully integrates equal opportunities in their culture, but also actively promotes equal opportunities in the public domain.

Even if your organization does not yet fulfil all the criteria for collecting a maximum number of “wings”, we still encourage you to join in. You will get comprehensive feedback on how you can improve in this area, including free consultations from equal opportunities experts, and complementary trainings for your employees. 

The initiative is promoted by the Office of the Equal Opportunities Ombudsperson in partnership with the Human Rights Monitoring Institute.

For more information please contact Vilma Gabrieliūte: